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About Me!

Ella is a fiery person with a whole bunch of personality. She is very bubbly, quirky, and exciting to be around! Ella attended high school in Winchester, Virginia and is currently attending Long Island University-Post to receive her BFA in Musical Theater. She will be graduating this spring!!

Alongside singing, acting, and dancing, Ella has a passion for playing her trumpet. She's been playing since the 4th grade, and loves to incorporate that into her performance life. She also loves to teach dance and performance to young students, and hopes to one day reach the collegiate level!


Likes: Baking, reading, playing with her pets, being outdoors, seeing shows, playing games, hanging out with friends, ice cream/sweet treats, Grey's Anatomy, sports.

Dislikes: Cold weather when there's no snow, no socialization, spiders, snakes, goat cheese. 

Lifestyle-Andrew Alstat Photography(Unedited)
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